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Houston Medical Group is a unique multidisciplinary treatment and diagnostic medical facility which provides family medical care, comprehensive injury and chronic behavioral pain management solutions.

Our mission is to provide compassionate, competent care in the most expedient manner possible.We take pride and dedicated to the delivery of quality and affordable healthcare for patients in the Houston area. Our doctors and staffs are experienced, friendly and are patient advocates, first and foremost.

At  Houston Medical Group we offer general medicine, we treat patients with common illnesses and patients with personal injuries in the home or public, sports injuries, worker  injuries and auto accident injuries.  The injuries may vary from back, neck, ankle strain, carpal tunnel to pulled ligaments and to fracture of an ankle etc.... Whatever your condition may be, we are delicate to assist you and your family in getting on the right track to recovery.

We also offer free claim filing for patients who are seeking treatment for workers compensation, auto injury, crime victims, slip and fall etc. We understand your frustration and stress that comes with filing paperwork, we are happy to help.  Our staff will also help you with communication among employers, lawyers, adjusters and case nurse managers.

Special Services:

* General Medical Care & Medical Weight Loss Program
* Federal Workers Compensation
* Texas State Workers Compensation
* Auto Injury
* Free transportation to auto injury and work-related injury
* Free claims processing
* Same-day appointments

Our multilingual staff - including English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.