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At Houston Medical Group, your total well-being is our goal.  Our multidiscriplinary approach provides our patients with both physical and mental health resources to ensure treatment of the whole patient.  Through integrated, focused care and treatment, we restore quality to the lives of our patients daily.

Our Services:

* Family Medical Services
* Multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals
* diagnostic testing

General Pain Management and Injury Treatment
• Chiropractic Therapy
• Injection Treatments
• Psychologically Based Chronic Pain Management
• Spinal Treatments
• Physical Medicine and Massage

Workers Compensation

* Federal Workers Compensation
* Federal Employee Injury
* Postal Worker Injury
* Texas State Workers Compensation
* Work-Related Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Work Related Joint and Extremity Injury
* Auto Injury
* Auto Injury Treatment
* Whiplash Injury Treatment
* Back Pain Treatment

Return To Work Programs:
* Functional Capacity Evaluation
* Work Conditioning Program
* Work Hardening Program
* Behavorial Chronic Pain Program

* Free transportation to Auto injury and workers compensation
* Free claims processing
* Same-day appointments